Oriana Curls On Song


Oriana talks about her life of song…

I’ve known I was a singer since a very early age. My father was playing the guitar and writing stories, and since I was little I was influenced by this creativity: I was always dancing, acting, drawing… I remember my first role being Charlie Chaplin in a play at school when I was around seven years old, and I also remember winning a poem and illustration competition at around the same age. At the time I was blown away by classical music (especially Mozart’s requiem!) and wanted to be an opera singer. I soon joined a choir and started to study violin at the Conservatoire.

I then discovered bit by bit other styles of music, and fell in love with rock, pop, jazz, electronic… and studied more contemporary genres.

Though I’ve studied music for many years in France, I’ve never really managed to develop my career over there; I’ve somehow always felt uncomfortable expressing myself and beginning to develop things as people seem to be much more pessimistic about artistic careers and success in general, which can impact your self confidence when you’re a young artist.

London offers so many opportunities, I really do think it’s the best place in the world to develop your own thing and become who you really are. I’ve been part of so many projects as a singer, actress, or musician, and it’s just a joy to collaborate with new people, to share experiences and create new stories.

I’ve collaborated with amazing artists like multi instrumentalist Koby Israelite (who produced my first album), and more recently with the extremely talented lyricist and producer Stephen Coates from ‘The Real Tuesday Weld’ (we’ve recorded a duet). I’m always amazed about how much solidarity there is between all of us, and I really feel like I’ve found my community, or should I say family…

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